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Quench Magazine Beef and Broccoli Recipe

Earlier this month our good friend, Aman Dosanj, reached out asking us to provide a recipe for Quench Magazine that promotes the sustainable consumption of meat. We happily heeded the call with our Beef and Broccoli recipe. The idea behind the article was to provide a recipe that uses smaller portions of meat, coming from […]

How to host a party - COVID Style
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How to Throw a Party – COVID Style

Well, just over a month ago we gave you some tips on hosting a holiday party, when you could actually have people in your home. Now, let’s pivot (for the hundredth time this year) and focus on how to throw a party COVID style. Now, trust us, a party is way more fun when you […]

Roast Winter Squash Soup
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Eating with the Seasons

At Harling Food Co. we believe in supporting local and eating with the seasons. That means that in June, July, August and even September there is a bounty of fruits and vegetables from Canadian producers to enjoy but, as the months grow colder, the pickings are slim, literally. There a number of greenhouses across the […]

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A Few Words on Pairing Food and Wine

The idea of pairing food and wine can seem both pretentious and unnecessary, but I believe that it can be quite easy (and affordable) and yes, it is absolutely necessary. Food becomes a meal when wine is introduced and wine almost always tastes better with a bite of food (unless we’re talking sparkling wine – […]